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Virtual Insights@Bosch

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Gestalte und entwickle mit Bosch die Technologie der Zukunft

Was heißt es Software bei Bosch zu entwickeln und wer sind die Menschen hinter den Themen Semiconductor, automatisiertes Fahren, Brennstoffzellen, eBike uvm.? Lerne uns im Rahmen der JobFair als AIoT Arbeigeber kennen. Wir bieten dir vielseitige Einblicke in Projekte und Aufgaben und du entscheidest selbst, welche Themen dich interessieren und mit welchen Expertinnen und Experten du ins Gespräch kommen möchtest.

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Wann: 08.07.2022, 16 Uhr bis ca 20:00 Uhr

Wo: Online

Das Event findet auf Englisch statt.

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Das erwartet dich

Geh neue Wege und erlebe unsere Vielfalt. Lerne mehr über Bosch und unsere innovativen Projekte. Bei der Virtual Insights@Bosch kannst du zwei der folgenden Vorträge auswählen. Komm mit unseren Fachexpertinnen und Fachexperten ins Gespräch und informiere dich über Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten und vieles mehr.

Vortrag 1The future of automotive – enabled by semiconductor chips & automotive IP
Leopold Beer and Andreas König talk about semiconductor for automomous driving as a current hot topic. What does the future of semiconductors look like and which role are microchips playing in the automatization of future mobility?
Vortrag 2
MEMS Sensors – little helpers around us
Oliver Kohn gives insights on how MEMS sensors will influence the future and why they are so important for our daily life.
Vortrag 3
Shaping e-mobility, by efficient, reliable, and cost-effective wide-bandgap SiC and GaN Devices
Electro mobility is the market with the highest growth potential and the strongest innovation rate at the moment. The SiC MosFET technology is the centerpiece of the Bosch e-mobility strategy with huge investments in the Reutlingen in R&D and manufacturing facilities. Reduced switching and conduction losses and improved power density needs to be balanced with high reliability requirements, challenging volume-ramp scenarios, and cost reduction requirements.
Vortrag 4
Shape with us the future of e-mobility
Get an insight into how modern SW-development works in the automotive sector and become part of our electrification community at Bosch.
Vortrag 5
Vehicle Computer – A challenge for Software Development
The current trend to centralize the car architecture in less ECUs promises lots of opportunities like flexibility, scalability and less complexity on E/E architecture level. What does it mean for the software development?
Vortrag 6
Driver Assistance Systems at Bosch: A look behind the scenes
What is it like to develop exciting and performant driver assistance feature that make our roads safer and driving more comfortable? Join us to find out how we develop state-of-the-art software in the Safety Systems Department at Bosch that realizes safety-critical functions on the road.
Vortrag 7
Be part of the smart heart of autonomous driving
We shape the mobility market with our solutions to make driving and parking comfortable and safe Hardware development at the edge of technology.
Vortrag 8
Factory of the future
Virtual simulation meets real production – digital engineering for smart & modular production systems.
Vortrag 9
Saving Lives and More – The Future of Brake Systems
Being a central live saving element from the very beginning, brake systems are in the center and a melting pot of all trends in automotive industry. Electrification, distributed systems, brake-by-wire and automated driving are heavily impacted by future brake systems. Get an overview and see how Software Engineering is a core competence that shapes technology and market.

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